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May-Hem Medical is a drama set in Mayer-Hempstead Medical, a fictional hospital in San Francisco, California, USA. It tells the hectic stories of the people who work there.

At one time there was a medical show that ran several seasons (I'll not name names). It seemed like the writers tossed a coin to determine which side of an issue a character was on, and which characters would have sex. There seemed to be no consistency.

So, I thought it would be fun to create a randomstory generator. And this is it.

The Random Plot

A prostitute has an STD. Azzaam Duursma wants to help because he's feeling cooperative. Adelina Heviside is against it because she's feeling jealous. Siding with Azzaam Duursma are Wilma Helifritzsch because it's ethically right and Kelly Dow because she's feeling happy. Siding with Adelina Heviside are Ninetta Kostrzewski because it's spiritually wrong and Senen Rees because he's feeling angry. Everone else is ambivalent. Nanami Donovan has developed feelings for Ralf Reid.

Generate Another Plot

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The Characters

Title Name Gender/Orientation Personality Birth Date Age
Doctor Dervila Shaffer straight female ISFJ - Achiever 12/24/1983 33
Doctor Killian Bagnet gay male ENFJ - Achiever 06/16/1970 47
Doctor Ninetta Kostrzewski gay female INFJ - Helper 02/01/1960 57
Doctor Ralf Reid straight male ESFJ - Individualist 02/25/1958 59
Nurse Azzaam Duursma bi male INFP - Individualist 05/19/1990 27
Nurse Clara Rosas bi female ENFP - Achiever 05/12/1981 36
Nurse Loraine OShea gay female ISFJ - Individualist 09/21/1973 43
Nurse Nadiy Bohm straight male ESFJ - Loyalist 03/15/1968 49
Nurse Platon Grois gay male ESFJ - Investigator 09/11/1957 59
Nurse Wilma Helifritzsch straight female ESFJ - Investigator 06/17/1935 82
Orderly Akulina Sane gay female ESTJ - Loyalist 04/13/1991 26
Orderly Bartolomy Willeberts transgendered gay male ISTJ - Enthusiast 07/21/1985 32
Orderly Hanako Stephens transgendered straight female ISTJ - Enthusiast 04/23/1976 41
Orderly Kelly Dow bi female INTP - Investigator 12/13/1972 44
Orderly Levey Sylla bi male ENTP - Loyalist 11/14/1971 45
Orderly Senen Rees straight male ISTJ - Challenger 09/06/1947 69
Staff Adelina Heviside bi female ISTP - Enthusiast 06/25/1996 21
Staff Baptiste Nanney bi male ESFP - Challenger 06/06/1987 30
Staff Julie Skeffington straight female ISFP - Peacemaker 03/09/1978 39
Staff Marjorie Briones transgendered gay female ENTJ - Challenger 07/05/1965 52
Staff Shafeek Prieto gay male INTJ - Peacemaker 03/23/1941 76
Staff Xie-li Dunlop straight male ESTJ - Achiever 11/14/1933 83
Paramedic Canon Ricci straight male ENFP - Peacemaker 04/23/1986 31
Paramedic Finogen Chan bi male ISFP - Reformer 04/09/1981 36
Paramedic Hyacinthe Blomel bi female ESTP - Peacemaker 07/11/1976 41
Paramedic Joyce Hobart straight female ESFP - Loyalist 02/08/1975 42
Paramedic Matilda Acosta gay female ISFJ - Reformer 03/09/1965 52
Paramedic Patrick Demidov gay male ISFJ - Helper 03/13/1963 54

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