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Title: The Steeplejack Falls
Author: jsblume
Style/Genre Prose / Fiction / Romance
Description: Jack falls in love with a nurse at the emergency room.
Notes: Write a Romance piece about a steeplejack who attends a meeting. At some point, the steeplejack must appear in a construction site and encounter a barrel (not necessarily at the same time).

Jack wedged the last piece of stone into the base of the spire and smoothed the mortar. He set down his trowel and straightened up, arching his back and stretching his muscles. As he did so, a sudden gust of wind caught him and he stumbled backward into the rail of the scaffold. His arms flailed a moment before he toppled over.

"Ee-yah!" he cried out as his fall was stopped by his safety line.

"My, God! Jack!" Mike called from the ground.

"Man down!" Pete called through cupped hands.

Sam, who had been working one level below Jack, climbed to up and grabs the safety line to stop it from swinging back and forth. Mike and Pete start playing out the line, lowering Jack to the ground. Pete makes Jack comfortable while Mike grabs a rag, dips it into a nearby rain barrel, and places it on Jack’s forehead.

* * *

"Well, Jack," Nurse Kelly said as she walked into the ER room. "What brings you here today?"

Jack smiled. "I came to see you."

"Is that right? Your chart says you fell off a scaffold."

"I fell for you."

Kelly blushed. "Is that right? The doctor will be in to see you shortly." She left the room with her eyes averted.

"She’s a nice looking girl," Pete said.

"Yeah, she is."

Mike snapped his fingers in Jacks face. "Snap out of it, man."

Jack shook his head. "I’m gonna ask her out."

* * *

Doctor Patel walked into the room carrying x-rays.

"You are one lucky man," Patel said. "You are going to have some pain from whiplash over the next few days, but otherwise you will be fine. Here is a prescription for some pain killers. Take the next few days off. Nurse Kelly will be in with your discharge papers."

Nurse Kelly entered the room as Dr. Patel left.

"Sign these please. You should make an appointment with your primary care physician."
"Can I make an appointment with you?"

"I, well, I’m not a doctor."

"I know. How about an appointment for dinner? Say, Friday night?"

Nurse Kelly’s face reddened. She handed him the discharge papers and left the room.

"Looks like you struck out, man," Pete said.

"Nope." Jack held up the top sheet to show them her phone number.

* * *

The three men drove back to the construction site to talk with the foreman before taking Jack home.

"You okay, Jack?" Gregg asked.

"He’s doing alright," Mike said. "Trolls the emergency room for dates."


"Yeah," Pete chimed in. "He picked up a cute nurse."

"Anyway, we need to cover Jack’s work while he’s out," Gregg said.

"I’ve got one more side to do on that steeple," Jack said.

"Sam can probably knock that off," Pete said. "We’re ahead of schedule, so we can wait until Jack’s back."

"Okay, then," Gregg said. "Mike, take him home."

Copyright @2013 by jsblume. All rights reserved.
jsblume has granted JS Blume Publishing™ non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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