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Title: Devil's Food
Author: jsblume
Style/Genre Prose / Fiction / Horror
Description: Beware of the chocolate.
Notes: Write a Horror piece about an advocate who gets a job. At some point, the advocate must appear in a school and encounter baking goods (not necessarily at the same time).

Ms. Hanson stood like a leaning tower as she reached across her desk to shake Mr. Reynolds’ hand. Mr. Reynolds cowed a bit before the giantess, but met her eyes squarely and shook her hand firmly.

"Welcome aboard, Mr. Reynolds," she said. "Your office is down the hall, the last one on the right."

"Thank you, Ms. Hanson."

"My secretary, Ms. Treadwell, can help you with any supplies you might need."

Mr. Reynolds picked up his briefcase and turned to go.

"Oh, one more thing."


"There is a door just past your office. It remains locked at all times. I suggest you not open it, no matter what you may hear or smell."

Mr. Reynolds’ brow creased. "Okay."

He left the principal’s office and found his without trouble. Setting his briefcase on the desk, he removed several items from it – a picture of his wife and kids; his law degree. The latter he carefully hung on the wall.

Sitting at his desk, he began rearranging the stapler, tape, pens, and other paraphernalia when he heard a soft scratching sound. He ignored it, turned on his computer, and pulled the top file folder from the in basket.

The scratching sounded again, and he smelled chocolate cake. He studied the case file more intently, but the chocolate smell grew stronger and the soft scratching was a subliminal irritation that would not be ignored.

Putting the file down, Mr. Reynolds walked to his door. The hall was empty and the lights looked dimmer.

The scratching sounded again. He turned and looked at the door next to his office. Light shined through the crack below the door, momentarily interrupted by a shadow that flickered past.

Curious, Mr. Reynolds knelt and peeked through. The smell of chocolate cake was stronger; enticing him like a drug. He stood, licking his lips. His stomach grumbled and his nose eagerly twitched to pull in more of the intoxicating scent.

He put his hand on the unyielding knob. As he pondered the chocolate cake, the door knob slowly turned and the door eased inward. Mr. Reynolds pushed on the door and it swung open halfway.

The room was bright and empty except for a chocolate cupcake in the middle of the floor. His mouth watered and he stared at it. Without thinking, and with eyes fixed on the cupcake, he took a faltering step into the room. He didn’t notice the door closed behind him. All of his attention was on the cupcake.

He felt himself drawn. He reached for it. His fingers closed around it.

A skeleton hand popped out and cold, bony fingers tightened around his wrist. Mr. Reynolds fell backward in surprise. The lights flickered and went out. The room vibrated with a deep, low murmuring of "yum" as he was inexorably pulled. Another flicker of light revealed a large cupcake mouth with very large teeth. He screamed as he was pulled into the mouth. He howled as acid dissolved his flesh.

Copyright @2013 by jsblume. All rights reserved.
jsblume has granted JS Blume Publishing™ non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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