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Title: Saints to the Rescue
Author: jsblume
Style/Genre Prose / Fiction / Fantasy
Description: Mickey has a very strange experience.
Notes: Write a Fantasy piece about a construction worker who gets into a car accident. At some point, the construction worker must appear in a school and encounter a power drill (not necessarily at the same time).

The road was not a familiar one. Mickey looked from side to side but couldn’t make out any details. It was like driving in fog, but the air was not misty. The word ‘nebulous’ popped into his head for some reason.

Headlights appeared without warning and blinded him. He threw up his arms, cowering the way they do in those over-dramatic car accident scenes.

"Are you paying attention?"

Mickey looked around the room. He was sitting at a school desk. Pictures of car accidents and posters full of safety tips covered the walls. A stern looking nun stood at the head of the class shaking a ruler at him.

"Wh-what was the question?" Mickey asked.

Staring Mickey down, the nun pointed to the black board with her ruler.

"One car leaves your house heading east at 50 miles per hour. A second car leaves from another house heading west at 40 miles per hour. At what time will they collide and all passengers die a horrible death?"

"I-I don’t understand the question."

The room rumbled and shook, and a piece of the ceiling landed on the nun’s desk.

"Aren’t you a construction worker?" the nun asked.


"Well, then, don’t just sit there! Fix my desk."

Her ruler had changed to a power drill and she was holding it out to him. Mickey took the drill and approached the desk. He wasn’t sure where to start. Mickey glanced wildly around the room. Tim, Peter, Paul, and Mary smiled benignly back at him from their desks.

"If I were a carpenter. If I had a hammer. This is a carpenter’s job. I don’t know anything about carpentry."

"Do not worry, my son."

Mickey turned toward the voice. Saint Joseph stood before him with a hammer in one hand. The nun dropped and genuflected, making the sign of the cross and kissing her rosary. Joseph waved the hammer and the desk was repaired.

"The day is done. Return to your home." Saint Joseph faded away.

Mickey blinked and stared at the ceiling. He turned his head and squinted at his alarm clock. The digital readout glowed a steady 3:05 while the dots blinked off the seconds. The 5 changed to a 6. Mickey rubbed his eyes, rolled onto his other side, and pulled the covers close.

Copyright @2013 by jsblume. All rights reserved.
jsblume has granted JS Blume Publishing™ non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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