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Title: Spider Women
Author: jsblume
Style/Genre Prose / Fiction / Horror
Description: Is there a reason for Isaacs fear of spiders?

Isaac was in a hurry and driving far faster than he should have been. A 35 year old, nervously skinny man with brown hair and blue eyes, he hurried so that he could keep ahead of...

The sound of sirens caused him to look up to see police lights flashing in his rear view mirror. Pulling onto the side of the road, Isaac stopped the car and laid his hands in his lap.

The officer stopped behind Isaac's car, walked up to the passenger side and tapped on the window. Isaac reached over and rolled down the window.

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

"Ye-yes officer. Uh, 45."

"And do you know what the speed limit is?"

"Um, 30?"

"Correct. Let me see your license, registration and proof of insurance, please."

Isaac pulled out his wallet, removed his drivers' license and handed it to the officer. Isaac then reached for the glove compartment and opened it to retrieve his insurance and registration cards.

A monster mask fell out of the glove compartment and onto the floor of the car.


"Is there something wrong?"

Isaac gulped and reached into the glove compartment with a shaking hand, staring at the mask on the floor. He handed the officer the cards.

The officer was unaware of the mask. He finished writing the ticket and handed it to Isaac, along with the cards and license.

"Please obey the posted speed limits. Have a nice day."

"Th-thank you, officer. I will. I'll try."

The officer returned to his car. Glancing at the car floor as he pulled back into traffic, he saw that the mask has disappeared.

The office of Ailise, Isaac's therapist, was simply furnished with a few chairs and a love seat situated around a coffee table. Behind the couch was a small area with a computer desk.

Ailise was sitting in a chair with a notepad and pencil in her hand. She was 44 years old, had brown hair and gray eyes, and was a bit chubby.

She smiled at Isaac, who was sitting across from her in a love seat.

"So, Isaac, you seem a bit agitated today."

Isaac stared at the coffee table and fidgeted with the corner of a pillow.

"I saw it again. I saw the mask."

"Where did you see it?"

"It dropped out of my glove compartment when I opened it. It's following me everywhere!"


Isaac nodded. "Everywhere! I'm afraid to open anything!"

"You said before that this mask appears inside of things that you open at home."

"Yes. But now it's following me in the car too!"

Isaac crossed his leg and accidentally kicked a small basket filled with potpourri. The contents spilled onto the table and floor, along with the monster's mask.

"Oh! There it is!"

Isaac gathered his feet up onto the couch and pointed at the mask sitting on the table.

"Can you describe it to me?"

"It, it's right there! On the coffee table! Can't you see it?"

"It doesn't matter whether I see it or not. If you can describe it to me, that process will help take away some of your fear."

Isaac, wide-eyed with fear, studied the mask.

"It looks like a spider head."

"A spiders' head?"

"Yes. Kind of furry and light brown. Two large blue bulbs for eyes in front and two smaller ones on the side. Two long orange fangs. Oh, no!"

"What is it?"

"The mask! It's floating up into the air! Don't bite me!" Isaac screamed and covered his head with a pillow. He peeked out. "Watch out! It's going after you!"

Isaac watched as the mask floated over to Ailise and covered her head. Four legs sprouted from her body, two on each side. She got out of her chair and began crawling toward Isaac.

"No! No! Stay away from me!"

Isaac jumped up, fell over the back of the couch and landed hard on the floor.

An ambulance was parked in front of the door into the office building. Two paramedics were wheeling Isaac on a stretcher out of the office and into the ambulance.

Charleena, a 24 year old nurse with red hair and brown eyes, walked over from the doctor's office next door.

"Hey, Ail. What happened? Isn't that Isaac? Dr. Ramsey's got him on medication for his paranoia."

"The strangest thing. He was convinced that I had turned into a spider and was going to eat him alive. He passed out from the fear."

"That poor man! I hope he'll be alright."

"Does Dr. Ramsey have some time today? I want to talk to him about having Isaac committed."

"Sure thing. I'll check his schedule and give you a call."

"Thanks! What are you doing for lunch?"

"I was thinking of trying out that new soup kitchen across the street."

"I've heard about them! They grind up meats and vegetables and blend them into a special sauce."

"That's the place!"

"I'll see you at lunch!"

The two women parted and returned to their respective offices.

Copyright @2012 by jsblume. All rights reserved.
jsblume has granted JS Blume Publishing™ non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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